Starkey town board 3/10/11

Mar 15, 2011 at 11:22 am by Observer-Review


Starkey town board 3/10/11

Meeting: The Starkey town board met for approximately two and three-quarter hours on Thursday, March 10.
Attendance: All members of the town council were present. Three members of the public were in the audience.
Action: Zoning regulations were approved. Yates County Planning Board recently complimented the town planning board for a job well done.
• The board voted to accept the Yates County Highway Department Road Preservation Use and Repair Agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to establish consistent, standard procedures for the installation and replacement of driveway pipes and driveways that intersect Yates County roads. In addition the agreement requires gas operator/developers to work with the municipality to identify designated haul routes associated with a drilling operation.
• The board voted to enter into an agreement with Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery (RCRR) of Victor. The agreement is for an E-Waste Alliance Partnership. The town will designate a location site for town residents to drop off their electronic equipment. RCRR will provide containers and pick up the materials at no charge to the town or their residents.
Discussion without action: Resident Susan Walker asked if the town has plans for a moratorium on hydrofracking. Walker was told town government does not supersede state government. The town is waiting for more information and the Environmental Protection Agency to complete their studies.
• Supervisor Richard Burcaw reported he has done some research on the mold in the basement records room. He is contacting other agencies regarding having the problem fixed.
• A Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request for minutes of the February town board meeting was received from resident Paul Brown. New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal representative Greg Papush is investigating the accident in question. Papush requested observations from board members who visited the site before he makes a determination. Three barricades have been added across the road.
Bids/purchases over $1,000: A bid of $6,750 from RRR Construction & Excavation of Belmont for work on the town hall was accepted. The work will be paid for with grant funds.
Upcoming meetings: April 7 at 7 p.m. in the town hall on Seneca Street in Dundee. 







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