Dundee will seek a Main Street grant

Mar 29, 2011 at 01:36 pm by Observer-Review


Dundee will seek a Main Street grant

DUNDEE—During the meeting on Tuesday, March 22, the Dundee village board approved a proposal to seek a grant for Main Street improvements. Kathy Disbrow, director of Keuka Housing Council (KHC), outlined that organization’s interest in the project. Disbrow said Keuka Housing Council is interested in purchasing the building at 12 to 16 Main St. Currently The Fabric Shop and Beauty Craft are located there at the street level.
Disbrow said Keuka Housing Council wants to do extensive rehabilitation in the building. There would be apartments upstairs and the downstairs would be storefronts. Health Improvement Project Coordinator Lauren Snyder said Our Town RoCKS can be used to make connections between agencies. They told KHC about the building that is available on Main Street. Disbrow said before the organization purchases the property, they want to make sure the village would support a Main Street Grant.
Community Progress Inc. Executive Director Julie Chevalier also attended the meeting. Chevalier outlined information about the grant. If the village is interested in applying for the grant, Chevalier would write the application. There would be no cost to the village. The grants are large, easily $500,000, according to Chevalier. After outlining details of the application process, Chevalier spoke to the board about the organization she heads. She outlined some of their successful projects. Information about what would be needed to make a successful project in Dundee was also provided.
This year there is $60,000 offered for Streetscape as part of the grant. The amount is determined each year. This would be a match, which also may change each year. Last year it was 75 percent grant and 25 percent matching funds from the building owner.
This program is designed to preserve historic stock. Authorization for work would be needed from State Historic Preservation. Funds could not be used for general maintenance and upkeep, such as work on roofs.
Following brief discussion, trustees voted unanimously to have Chevalier write the grant application. Chevalier said she would like to have a couple of village board members on a committee that will be formed.
In other business: Fire Chief Ray MIller reported Dundee firefighters will attend a NYSEG school April 4 that will provide training on what firefighters can and cannot do at scenes involving gas or electrical issues.
• Miller said the department has a device that indicates where people are if they are lost in a building. He told the board training is needed for use of the equipment.
• Snyder’s assistant Gail Furst announced programs connected with the Project Awareness Initiative. One program was scheduled for March 23. A second on Cyber bullying will be presented  April 6. The programs will be at Dundee Central School.
Mayor Fred Cratsley Jr. announced the Triboard meeting scheduled Friday, March 25 has been canceled.
The next meeting of the Dundee Village Board will be Tuesday, April 12. The 7 p.m. meeting will be preceded by a public hearing on next year’s budget at 6:15 p.m. and a second public hearing on a sewer grant at 6:30 p.m. Village meetings are in the village office on Union Street.





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