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Barrington town board 07/08/09

Jul 14, 2009 at 03:13 pm by Observer-Review


Barrington town board 07/08/09

Meeting:  The Barrington town board met Wednesday, July 8 for one hour and 25 minutes.
Attendance:  All board members were present.  There were eight members of the public in the audience.
Action:  The board decided to confer with the town attorney, Derek Brocklebank, concerning a dock and mooring issue on Keuka Lake.  Two lakefront residents were present during the public comment period to explain the problems they have with a neighbor.  Connie McNamara, said the neighbor has repeatedly put a moveable dock onto her lakefront, even pushing her dock out of the way.  She explained how she has paid for surveying to be done to mark out her portion of the lakefront, but the stakes have been taken out.  Gary Boardman, code enforcement officer, said the burden of proof falls on the property owner if there is a problem.  He added the dock and mooring law says the owner must file a civil suit, which McNamara is doing.  The board said they were hesitant to act now without counsel because they do not know if they have authority with the dock and mooring law in place.  Supervisor Eileen Farnan did point out that in the law that it does say the town has the authority to enforce the water rights lines.
• An ad will be put into the newspaper just to get applicants for the ethics committee.  The ethics nominating committee will choose the members for the actual committee.
• One change was made to board member Freeman Freeman’s proposed cyber policy.  The board agreed to put in a reference to the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).
Discussion without action:  Planning board member Sue Lange will make the two changes the town board asked for on the proposed steep slope law.  The changes are; saying New York State licensed engineers as opposed to just licensed, and making one inch equal 40 feet for diagrams.  She explained the law would not take affect unless someone blatantly ignores the code enforcement officer’s request.
• Farnan asked the board to look at the revisions for the Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative’s local wastewater treatment law.  She said they should have a decision at the next board meeting.
• Farnan gave the town a copy of the New York Farm Bureau’s “Farmer’s Guide to Oil and Gas Leases.”  It is available at the town hall for viewing.
Bids/purchases over $1,000:  None.
Appointments/resignations:  None.
Upcoming meetings:  The next regular town board meeting will be Wednesday, July 22 at 7 p.m.  


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