Donor gives $250K for Dundee lights

Jun 14, 2016 at 10:58 pm by Observer-Review

Donor gives $250K for Dundee lights ADVERTISEMENT

Donor gives $250K for Dundee lights

DUNDEE (6/15/16)--The Dundee Central School District discussed a pending donation to be used for the purchase of lights for Scotsman Field during their regular meeting Thursday, June 9. The $250,000 donation has not yet been officially received by the district, but school officials believe the funds will come through to pay for more than half of the potential project.
"We have been contacted by a donor who is a past graduate of Dundee Central School and has looked to donate about $250,000 for the sole purpose of putting lighting on the football and soccer field area," Dundee Superintendent Kelly Houck said. "Unfortunately, this gentleman just passed away this week, but we do believe that donation will still continue to come to fruition."
Houck did not release the name of the donor out of respect to his family. She added there are some stipulations that come with accepting the donation, as the money is specifically designated for lighting on the football/soccer field. The money cannot be used by the district for any other purpose.
However, this donation will not cover the entire project cost, as Houck said estimates it to range between $383,000 to $400,000. Because of this, any additional funds the district contributes would have to be put through a public referendum. Houck expects the lighting project will be listed as a separate proposition on the November capital project vote. This vote includes $20 million in proposed work on improving educational spaces, the bus garage, school roof and other projects in the district. Another proposition includes $1 million in work on the school tennis courts.
If the proposition for field lights is voted down during the referendum, Houck said the money would be returned to the donor's estate. Houck also said when she spoke with the donor, they discussed a time limitation on the money as well, noting if the time did not begin or come to fruition within an 18 month timeframe, the money could also be authorized to return to his estate.
The board discussed if they would get LED (light-emitting diode) lights for the field, with Houck adding, "there is no other option at this point, it is just LED." Board member James Hill said LED lights may be cheaper in the long run due to using less electricity. School board President James Koehler said one of the other options was to make it so the whole track was illuminated as well, but added the district will wait until they actually have the gift to decide to what extent they would add to it. Houck said the board does not have to make a decision on the issue until the gift is officially given to the district.




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