Dandy Mart plans may see village concerns

Jul 19, 2016 at 10:38 pm by Observer-Review

Dandy Mart plans may see village concerns ADVERTISEMENT

Dandy Mart plans may see village concerns

DUNDEE (7/20/16)--While the work progresses on the Dundee Dandy Mart's new gas canopy, the Dundee village board saw the dimensions for the proposed second phase of construction Tuesday, July 12. The second phase of work entails a new mini mart building at the site. While the plans for the new structure have not yet been reviewed by the village planning board, one aspect of the building's design has already sparked some concern among village officials: the front door of the new building does not face the new pump canopy.
Dundee Fire Inspector, Building and Zoning Officer Andy Simmons presented the details to the board, saying the building itself will point toward the fuel pumps. He said the old building will be encapsulated by the new building, adding when they are done with the new building, they can start tearing the inside down.
Mayor Fred Cratsley Jr. said the Dundee planning board will probably have an issue with the front door of the building not facing the pumps. Planning board member Caryl Sutterby, who was also in attendance during the meeting, agreed. However, Simmons said it is not against the code to have the front door facing away from the pumps, adding there only needs to be a line of sight, which could be achieved with a window facing the canopy.
The canopy project was approved by the village April 12, prior to which James Gensel, president of Fagan Engineers, made a presentation to the board about the work. The door positioning was brought up as an area of concern during the April meeting as well, with Cratsley noting the doors are normally positioned this way for security reasons.
"When you drive into any larger gas stations, the front doors are facing the pumps," Cratsley said during the April meeting.
The building plans will go in front of the Dundee planning board Wednesday, July 27 at 7 p.m. at the village hall.





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