Watkins hears request for grant manager

Jul 26, 2022 at 09:35 pm by Observer-Review

Watkins hears request for grant manager ADVERTISEMENT

Watkins hears request for grant manager

WATKINS GLEN-The Watkins Glen board of trustees met Tuesday, July 19. Following the previous two meetings, the first of which saw the sitting mayor resign two days after and then the board deadlocked at the second for a candidate to replace him, Tuesday's meeting was a return to normalcy led by Deputy Mayor Lou Perazzini. During the meeting Parks and Events Coordinator, Craig Bond asked the board to look into hiring a part-time grant manager for Clute Park.
"I am looking at the amount of work we have to do for the campground expansion... it feels like we have to focus... that we make sure all ducks are in a row," Bond said.
With over $5 million in investment coming from the state and locally, Clute Park has become a hub of development recently with even more planned. The ice rink and splash pad near the new pavilion have opened and now there is work being done to expand trails, put in a new playground, and increase camping options.
"Really it's about the receipts, payables, quarterly tabs, there is a lot," Bond said when asking for a grant manager.
Bond also said that the recent Clash Endurance Triathlon will be televised at the Event Center at Clute Park on Wednesday, July 27 at 7 p.m.
"I think it will be fun for (residents) when they recognize some local spots," said Bond.
Public Works Superintendent Terry Wilcox announced that speed bumps on Clute Park Drive would never come back.
"Most people slow down there," said Wilcox.




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