Flags return to Dundee village ahead of Veterans Day

Nov 16, 2022 at 07:22 am by Observer-Review

Flags return to Dundee village ahead of Veterans Day ADVERTISEMENT

Flags return to Dundee village ahead of Veterans Day

DUNDEE--Originally formulated as an idea from local resident and retired U.S. Army Captain, Charles LoParrino, United States Flags are now visible all along Main Street, with additional flags coming soon to more locations including Water Street in Dundee.
Charles' wife Camille, who is involved with the community Our Town Rocks initiative, approached the Dundee village board three years ago and volunteered to visit with the various community organizations to ask if these groups would like to participate in the U.S. Flag Campaign.
The response was overwhelming. In a very short time, there were donations given to the village for enough flags to hang on the telephone poles and with some extras as backup. However, with the heavy winds over the years, many flags got tangled and torn. There are now only 20 flags left from the original campaign in storage.
Recently, the LoParrinos went back to the village board to discuss options for getting the remaining flags back up again. The director of Our Town Rocks, Caryl Sutterby, suggested that these flags be placed in the front of the stores along Main and Water Streets. The position of the flags would be in front of the stores and would likely provide more protection to the flags. There would also be no need to take the flags down at night because there is sufficient lighting along these streets.
Once again, the response from the local stores was very positive. Residents will soon notice work being completed to add flag brackets where they are needed before the flags are installed.
Camille added that she is so proud to be a part of the Dundee Community where there is such a dramatic showing of enthusiasm and she feels uplifted by the positive expression of patriotism.




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