Gala will celebrate veterans, county

Nov 03, 2023 at 03:06 pm by Observer-Review

yates gala
BY Samantha Lape-Kesel
PENN YAN--Seasons on Keuka Lake at the Hampton Inn will host a formal Bicentennial and Veterans Celebration Saturday, Nov. 11. This event will bring the community together to celebrate Yates County’s 200-year history and to honor veterans for their sacrifices and continued service.
The bicentennial committee took two years to plan various celebration events throughout 2023. Jessica Bacher, president and CEO of the Yates County Chamber of Commerce and the co-chair of the Bicentennial Gala, stated that the gala is meant to be the more formal celebration and that it is “only appropriate to honor the veterans of our county.”
Members of the community were given the opportunity to sponsor a veteran to be able to attend the dinner. Organizations and individuals provided over 40 complimentary tickets for veterans to attend.
“We are grateful to our dedicated sponsors for their support in honoring our veterans,” said Bacher. “Their generosity allows us to pay tribute to the brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation throughout the 200 years that Yates County has been in existence. Together, we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of our heroes. Thank you for your invaluable partnership.”
The attendees will be welcomed with a cocktail reception accompanied by Heartsound music. Then, there will be a welcome ceremony where the Community Band will play the national anthem, followed by Judge Falvey’s Invocation of the Pledge of Allegiance and the POW/MIA recognition. The ceremony will also include an armed forces medley.
After the dinner, there will be a formal ceremony where honorary diplomas will be awarded, and Admiral Schofield will be recognized. The keynote speaker, Col. Win Harper (USMC, retired) will address the gathering. The night will be concluded with live music from Dave Boyd.
“The men and women who are veterans chose to serve our country, and they took an oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic,” said Win Harper, Lt. Col., Marines Ret. of Middlesex. “The freedoms we hold dear, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” continue to exist because of those who serve. These women and men deserve to be recognized and honored every day. I served in the Marine Corps for nearly 26 years. When I speak at Patriotic events, like the Bicentennial and Veterans Celebration Gala, I represent all veterans, and that is indeed an honor of which I am very proud.”
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